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Is your flooring suitable for commercial use?

No. Although you will see from our customer photos that some customers have installed our flooring in a commercial premises, the flooring is designed for residential use.

Where is your warehouse located?

Our warehouse is located in Belfast. You are welcome to visit our premises 7 days a week, during the day or evening. We are flexible to your timings. Please call/email to arrange an appointment beforehand to ensure someone is available.

How many laminate pieces in each pack?

Each pack contains 9 planks of high gloss laminate flooring, which equates to a coverageof 2.1sqm.

Am I able to collect my order in person?

Yes absolutely. We will be happy to help load your order into your vehicle. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time for collection.

What is your returns policy?

Please see returns policy page.

How does your flooring fit together?

Floorless floors high gloss laminate is very simple to lay down. Each planks fit together using our simple Unilin click fitting system.

What type of groove finish is there between the individual planks?

Once our flooring is assembled there is near enough a flush finish between each plank, with very little if any groove. This contributes to the radiance of a high gloss finish.

How do I clean super high gloss flooring?

This can be done with a mop and water.

How is your flooring dispatched?

Our flooring is dispatched using a 3rd party pallet service. The courier will notify you in advance about your delivery day. Please note that the service is kerb side delivery only. If you require assistance upon delivery then please get in touch before placing the order.

Do you provide beading/edging?

We do not provide this, however your will be able to find a good colour match from your local DIY store. As beading/edging is often fitted using a hammer and nails, a high gloss finish is not suitable as the lacquer surface of the high gloss will be prone to chipping upon installation. Therefore we recommend using plane finished beading/edging.

Does your product scratch easily?

The high gloss finish is achieved using a lacquer layer. With excessive force any type of laminate flooring is able to be scratched therefore we do not recommend any items with sharp edges to come into contact with super high gloss flooring. Similary if the flooring comes into contact with grit/pebbles on shoes then this is likely to scratch the surface. The product is by no means scratch resistent but with a careful and cautious approach the flooring will last for many years.

Why do you charge for samples?

Due to our unbeatable low prices, we receive many sample requests on a daily basis. We do not actually charge for the samples, the payment partially covers the postage cost. If we were to cover postage costs for every request then we would not be able to offer our flooring at such unbeatable prices. We don't charge for samples sent to Northern Ireland.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

If you are interested in purchasing over 200 sqm of high gloss laminate then please contact us directly for a quote.

Is your flooring suitable for bathrooms?

Due to the level of moisture and condensation in bathrooms, we do not recommend installing our flooring in bathrooms.

Does the high gloss effect reduce over time?

No. The high gloss finish will not fade over time.

How much is your shipping fee?

Shipping to addresses within England is £29.99. Shipping to addresses within Scotland and Wales is £44.99. Shipping fee's vary depending on location.

Wood Style NI

How to contact us?

If you have any questions we will be more than happy to email you back or explain everything over the phone

 02891 450 233  07866559383